Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sausage Dog Club!

Since welcoming Frank into the family I seem to have met lots of other sausages, and recently arranged for us all to meet up for a nice walks in York.
I couldn't believe it when 15 sausages and over 30 people turned up!
We certainly were a sight to see and caused a lot of excitement as we walked along the river and through Rowntree's park!
It was amazing to that that dachshunds come in so many colours, hair types, sizes and personalities. Every single one was different! I was especially taken with Derek the puppy!
Many thanks to the brilliant Reading cafe in the park, that welcomed us into their patio area for tea and cake, it was much appreciated!
Hoping to organise another walk again soon, so get intouch if you have sausages or know someone that does, and non-sausages are also welcome haha!

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